Using Clips to display timers

Using Clips, it's possible to show your learners how much time they spent on a page or chapter or how much time they have left to complete a page or chapter. Clips are added directly to text boxes and can be seamlessly integrated into your text content. For more information about Clips and how they work, see Feature Focus: Personalize a learning experience by using Clips.


Adding a Timer Clip to your page

1. Select edit the text box where you wish to add the timer and then select Clips:


2. Choose from either:

Time on page - This will show much time the learner has spent on the page.

Time in current chapter - This will show how much time the learner has spent in the chapter.

Amount of time remaining on page - This will show how long you have left on the page you are.

Amount of time remaining in current chapter - This will show how long you have left in the chapter.

Note: In order to use the Amount of time remaining... Clips, you'll need to have first set a time limit for either a page or a chapter.


3. Your Clip will be added to the text box and will look like this:


4. If you like, you can use the timer on its own or add a message that gives the Clip context:


5. When the page is viewed in Preview or in a release, you will see the timer:


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