Changing a page's name

In Elucidat, each of your pages can be given a name. Giving your page a useful name not only helps you to identify it in the platform, but also can act as its title for your learners. There are several ways to set a page's name. 


Changing a page’s name in Pages

1. Go to the Project which has the page name you wish to update.

2. Open the Pages tab:


3. Find the page whose name you want to update.

4. Select the text in the field and change the name:


5. The change will save automatically. You can check the icon at the top right of the screen to see the status of the save:




Changing a page’s name in Author

If your Project already has a Page Title field

1. Go to the page in your Project you’d like to update.

2. Use the text editor to change the name of the page:


3. Select Save to save the changes



If your Project doesn’t have a Page Title field

To add a Page Title to your Project's header:

1. Switch to Layout.

2. Select the grayed out area at the top of the page:


3. Select Switch to editing the Main Navigation:


4. Select the orange Add Here button in the header:


5. Select Page Title:



To add a page title to the body of the page:

1.  Switch to Layout and select the Add here icon for where you would like to add the Page Name.

2. Select Text elements:


3. Select Page Name:


4. Select the Save button to save the changes.

Note: Changing the page name from Pages will automatically update the name in a Page Title element and vice versa.
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