Feature Focus: Working with the text formatting toolbar

The text formatting toolbar offers a variety of different ways to style your text as well as the ability to add media and other elements to your text boxes, like graphs and tables.

Select any text box to activate that text box for editing and bring up the text formatting toolbar. 



Text formatting toolbar

The text formatting toolbar offers a variety of ways to format your text and add content to your text boxes like images and tables:



For most text boxes, you will see the full range of formatting options in the text formatting toolbar. However, you may see fewer options depending on the text of text box that is being edited. For example, a title field will offer fewer formatting options:


You can use the formatting toolbar to format your text in a variety of ways.



Formatting text

You can choose to apply Heading, Paragraph or Quote style to your text by selecting one of the options from the dropdown menu. Selecting one of these options will apply this style to the whole text box. Quote can also be combined with any of the other styles:



You can apply Bold or Italic by toggling the B and I buttons:



You can apply a color to your text or add a highlight using the text colour icon and the highlighter icon:



You can choose a color by selecting one of the preset colors from the palette:


You can also choose your own color using the Color Picker:



In the Color Picker, you can either add an RGB value or a Hex value to apply the color you'd like or you can select a color from the matrix:


You can make your text superscript or subscript by selecting the X² icon and choosing one of the options:



Links can be embedded into your text by highlighting the text you'd like to add a link to and then using the Link button. You can then choose whether you want the text to link to a page in the course, an external link, a Resource that has been added to the course or another part of the page:



You can also add Tooltips to your text in the same way. Highlight the text you'd like to add a tooltip to and select the Tooltip button:



If you'd like to remove a Link or Tooltip that you have added to your text, you can use the Remove Link button. You can remove several at a time by highlighting multiple links.



You can set the text alignment of the text box to Left, Center, Right or Justified by using the Alignment button. 





You can also add unordered and ordered lists to your text using the text formatting toolbar. We offer different styles of both types of list.


If you'd like to clear the formatting from your text, you can highlight the text you'd like to remove the formatting from and use the Clear formatting button. This will remove bold, italic and color formatting.





Media content

To add Image in Text, Clips or Graphs, or Badges to your text box, select them from the Insert button's dropdown menu:




To add a table, select the Table icon on the right hand side of the text formatting toolbar:


From the Table menu, select the dimensions of the table using the grid up to a maximum of 10x10:


Using the Cell menu, you can modify the selected cell's properties, merge two or more selected cells or split a merged cell:


In the Row menu, you can insert a row before or after the selected row, delete a row and modify that row's properties. You can also cut, copy and paste rows from here:


The Column menu allows you to insert a column before or after the selected column, delete columns and cut, copy and paste columns and the content within:


You can also add or delete rows and columns or delete the entire table with the Quick Action toolbar:




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