Using Layout to add page parts

Layout is used to add parts and sections on your page to create your own custom Page Types.

A Part is any element that can be added to a page, such as a text box, a question or an interaction. A Section is a container element which divides your page and contains page parts. Parts are primarily added to sections but some can also be added to other parts. 

You can add as many or as few parts as you like to a page in whichever order you like. 

Layout is only available to users who have been assigned a User Role with permission to access it. If you don't have access to Layout but would like to, you'll need to contact an Administrator in your account.

Tip: While we encourage you to experiment as much as you can with Layout, we would recommend that you read Best Practice: Advice on compatible parts in order to ensure you have the best experience with Layout.



Getting started with Layout

To begin adding parts to your page, select Layout:


In Layout, there are two types of buttons which you can use to add parts to a page:

1. The gray +Add Section button which allows you to add either an empty section or a pre-built section with parts:


2. The orange +Add here button which allows you to add parts to a section:


When you select +Add here or +Add Section, you’ll be shown a variety of part options, sometimes across multiple categories:


Select a category and pick a part from that category.

The part will be added to your page:


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