Adding links to text 

Using links in your course can be a useful way to direct your learner to other pages or external sources which can consolidate that area of learning. Embedding them directly into your text is a great way to provide this without disturbing the flow of your written content. It can also be a more streamlined way to add links to your content without relying too much on buttons.

You can use links to direct learners to pages within your course, external websites or any resources that have been uploaded to that Project.

1. To add a link to your text, go to the page in the Project where you would like to add a link. 

2. In Author, highlight the text you would like to add a link to:


3. Select the Link icon in the text formatting toolbar:


4. Here you have up to four options to choose from:


  • A Page in this Project which allows you to choose a page in your course for the text to link to
  • A Resource which allows you to link the text to open a Resource uploaded to the Project. This option will only appear if a Resource has been uploaded to the Project first. You can find out how to do this in Adding resources documents to your Project.
  • An external website which allows you to add a URL which will direct the learner to an external webpage.
  • Another part of this page which allows you to choose a specific header or section of the page for the link to direct towards 

5. When you have selected a link option, add where you would like the text to link the learner to and press the Insert button:


6. The linked text will now be underlined and a different color to the regular text:


The color of links can be configured in the Project’s Style. For more information about Styles and how to edit a Style, see Styles in detail.


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