Working with the inbuilt font options

We provide a diverse library of several hundred Google Fonts which can be used in your Projects straight away. A font can be selected and applied in your Style which can then be used by multiple Projects at a time. Alternatively, you can select a font directly in a Project which will apply only to that Project and override the one set in the Style. For more information about how Styles work, see Styles in detail.

If you’d like to upload your own font to your Style or Project, see Using your own fonts.


Choosing a Google Font in a Style

1. Go to one of your Projects and select Styles:


2. Here, you can choose to edit the Style you’re currently using by selecting Edit Style under Applied brand style:



Or you can choose to edit a different Style by picking another Style from your Brand Styles and selecting Edit Style:


3. In your Style, scroll down to the Typography section in the Basic tab. You’ll see two drop down menus where the font can be set. 

  • Font for titles and headings will apply the selected font to all text using title or heading formatting.
  • Font for everything else will apply the selected font to all other text in your Project:


The fonts are sorted into categories according to their style and possible applications:


Our favourites: This is a selection of fonts that we have picked from Google’s deep library of fonts.

Serif: this shows only serif fonts. Serif fonts are generally considered more classic or formal.

Sans Serif: this will show you only Sans Serif fonts. These fonts are considered more minimalistic or casual.

Handwriting: this option allows you to select from a variety of Handwritten fonts. These are great for when you wish to add a personal touch to your Projects.

Title fonts: these fonts are thicker and bolder. They are a good choice for titles and headings or if you wish to make a statement. However, you may want to refrain from using these for your main body text.



Selecting a Google Font in a Project

If you have a Project where you’d like to make a one-off font change but still continue using the Style you’re using or avoid making any Style changes, you can change the font using the Project-wide Edit menu found at the top right of your Project’s header:


Select the font you’d like to use in the Typography section under the Font menu:


This will change the font for the entire Project’s body text but will not affect the font that has been set for titles.

You can change the font of a specific title field by opening the title field’s Edit menu:


You can then select your desired font from the Font menu under Typography:


Caution: When you make font changes at the Project-level, this will override what has been set in the Style. This means that the element that has had its font manually changed will no longer respond to font updates made in the Style. You may want to consider whether it is more appropriate to make the change in the Style or create a new Style with a different font.


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