Editing a Style

If there are any changes in your branding and you need to amend your Style, you have the option to edit it using the Style editing interface. When a Style is edited, the changes will be passed on simultaneously to all Projects that are using that Style, avoiding the need to directly change all of your Projects individually.

For information about how Styles work, see Feature Focus: Styles.


Accessing the Style editor

1. Go to a Project and select Style:


2. Find the Style you’d like to edit and select Edit Style:



The Style editing interface

When you open your Style for editing, you’ll find many options which allow you to control different aspects of your Project’s appearance. You will see one tab labelled Basic and another tab labelled Advanced:


Selecting Advanced will reveal eight more tabs which each contain controls relating to different areas of your Project: Buttons, Graphs, Interactions, Main Navigation, Media Player, Pages, Pop-ups, Typography:



Deleting a Style

To delete a Style, go to the Style editing interface and select Delete:


A Style can only be deleted when there are no Projects that are currently using that Style. If there are Projects that are using that Style, you will need to assign a different Style to those Projects.

Caution: Once a Style is deleted, it cannot be restored.
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