Changing the appearance of the accessibility highlight

An accessibility highlight is a visual aid that helps users who are visually impaired locate on screen where their screen reader is currently focused. 

When viewing your course either in Preview or as a release, your text will be highlighted with a coloured border when selected:


Keeping it enabled can greatly contribute towards the accessibility of your content and we highly recommend leaving this feature on.


Modifying the accessibility highlight

If you'd like to change the appearance of the accessibility highlight, you can do so from your Project's Style. Changing the settings in the Style will mean that the changes will be reflected in all Projects using that Style.

1. Go to a Project which uses the Style you'd like to change

2. Select Styles:


3. Select Edit Style on the Style you'd like to change:

4. In the Style, choose Advanced. This will reveal more tabs in your Style:


5. Select Buttons from the expanded list and scroll down to Button Focus Outline:


You can use the slider to change the pixel width of the accessibility highlight. A larger number will result in a thicker line.

The drop down menu offers several options for the highlight's appearance:

  • Solid which will set the highlight to use a solid line
  • Dashed which will set the highlight to use a dashed line
  • Dotted which will set the highlight to use a dotted line
  • Auto which will use the Solid setting but this can be overridden by any specific browser settings that may be in place

The colour picker can be used to choose a colour for the accessibility highlight. You may want to ensure that the colour chosen contrasts well with your course to ensure maximum visibility. 


Removing the accessibility highlight from your course

We recommend keeping the highlight enabled in your courses for accessibility reasons but it can be removed if you prefer.

1. Set the width of the outline to 0px

2. Select Solid from the dropdown menu

3. Select Save to save your changes


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