Best Practice: Advice on compatible parts

Layout offers a wide range of options to customize your course’s layout. You can add, delete, duplicate and move as many parts on your page as you wish and even combine certain parts together by adding or dragging a part inside another.

We aim to make sure our parts work well together and we encourage you to experiment with different combinations to create unique layouts for your courses. 

However, due to the number of possibilities that Layout offers, there are some combinations of parts that are more suitable than others. For the best experience, we would recommend only combining parts which are compatible with each other and avoiding excessive stacking of parts. 

Note: We are not able to provide support for any unexpected behaviour that may result from combining two or more parts that are not compatible. 



Adding parts into other parts

We’ve made it easy to see which part combinations have the best compatibility by only offering parts that we guarantee will work best with the part you’re adding to.

For example, if you select Add here inside a button holder:


You will only be offered the parts that are designed to work within the button holder:


In contrast, if you add a part inside a section:


You’ll see a wider range of options as there are more parts which are designed to be placed inside a section:


Caution: The menu of parts offered will only take into account the part you’re currently adding into. For example, if you have a Column which is contained inside a Carousel and you’d like to place a new part inside the Column, the menu will show you parts that are compatible with the Column but won’t take into account whether the part is also compatible with the surrounding Carousel. In this case, it is best practice to use parts that are compatible for the Carousel rather than the Column



Moving parts into other parts

It is also possible to drag and drop one part into another. This can also be used to create unique combinations and interesting layouts. There are few restrictions on which parts can be dragged and dropped where. However, we would still recommend being aware of the combinations you create and try to only combine parts which are compatible by following the guidance in this article.


Adding multiple parts into the Main Navigation area

We recommend only adding one of each element in the Main Navigation (the area that houses the header and footer) as multiples of the same part can conflict with each other.

For example, add only one header, one footer, one 'Next' button, one 'Menu' button etc.'


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