Feature Focus: Collaboration

Elucidat’s Collaboration features give users the ability to review Projects at any stage in a Project’s life cycle. Users can add comments into their Project and send the Project to other users in their Elucidat account so they can respond or add their thoughts in a new comment. Suggest actions, changes or call out aspects of the Project that you think work well.

Projects can be shared with existing members of your team for review or they can be shared with an external collaborator without an Elucidat account. An external collaborator will be granted temporary access to Elucidat so they can complete their review. For more information about this, see Feature Focus: External Collaborators.



You can use Review to add comments:


A comment will appear in the Project as a small circle with a number indicating the order in which the comment was left:


You can see the comment and any replies that have been added in the sidebar pane to the right of the Project. You can also use this pane to resolve comments. The pane is always visible in Review:


Selecting the comment in the Project or in the side-bar menu will direct you to that comment so you can quickly navigate to where that comment has been left.

If your permissions allow you to access Author, you can also view, reply to and resolve existing comments there by expanding the comment pane.

Note: All users in an account are able to make comments on Projects they have access to. If you are an Administrator, you can configure a user’s permissions and access by assigning them specific User Roles and limiting their access to specific Projects or Departments.


You can use the in-Project navigation to move through the Project as the learner would:


Or use the navigation menu to find a specific page by scrolling through the list of pages or searching the name of the page using the search bar:



Note: The effects of progress locking and Rules will only be active when using the in-Project navigation. To get an accurate sense of how progress locking or Rules are working in the Project, navigate using the in-Project navigation.



Sending a Project for review

An Author can send a Project to one or more team members or an external collaborator. Any selected team members will receive an email to let them know that this Project is ready for them to review:


To find out more, see Sending your Project to be reviewed by another team member.

Your Reviewers can then leave comments or reply to ones you have made. When they are finished, they can submit their comments back to the Author who will receive an email to let them know the Project has been reviewed. This process can be repeated as many times as is needed.

Users who have been assigned one or more Projects for review can see an overview of Projects and their progress in Collaboration. As the user works through the Project, its status will be updated, making it easy to see which Projects need attention:


See Checking the review status of Projects for more information about this.

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