Feature Focus: External Collaborators

An external collaborator is a user who does not have an Elucidat account but has been granted temporary access to the Elucidat platform to review one or more Projects. When an external collaborator has finished reviewing the Project, they can submit the review back to the Project’s author so that they can make any necessary changes. 

An external collaborator will not be able to make edits to the Project themselves, nor will they have access to any other Projects in the library aside from the ones to which they have been granted access. They will also not be able to view or respond to other user’s comments or mention other users in their comments.

External collaborators don’t take up a seat in your account so you can add as many as you like. However, they can request that the Account Owner upgrades their account to a full account during their review. If their account is upgraded, they will be able to login to Elucidat as a regular user and they will take up a user seat in your available allowance. 


What happens when a Project is shared with an external collaborator?

The user will be granted access to the Elucidat platform with a unique invite link sent via email:


This invite can be temporary and expire after a certain period, or it can be indefinite. You can share as many Projects as you like. 

For information about how to invite an external collaborator to Elucidat, see Sending your Project to be reviewed by another team member.

Once the user has access, they can add comments to the shared Project using the Review interface:


When they have finished reviewing the Project, they can submit the review back to the Project’s author so that they can make any necessary changes. 


An external collaborator has requested a full account. What does this mean?

An external collaborator can request that their account is upgraded so they can become a permanent member of your Elucidat team. 

When this happens, an email will be sent to the Account Owner notifying them that an external collaborator would like to upgrade their account. The Account Owner can then decide whether or not to grant this request. If the Account Owner chooses to upgrade the account, they can choose the user role and access scope they’d like the user to have. Once their account has been upgraded, they will take up a seat in your account’s available allowance. For more information about how to upgrade an external collaborator’s account, see Adding an external collaborator to your account as a permanent member.

Note: You must have user seats available in your allowance in order to upgrade an external collaborator. For information on how to check your user allowance and how many user seats you have available, see Checking platform usage data.


I’m an external collaborator and I’m not sure what to do next

If you’ve been invited to Elucidat as an external collaborator, see Reviewing a Project as an external collaborator for more information about what to do next.

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