Resolving a comment

During the reviewing process, you may want to resolve an existing comment. For example, if an action has been suggested and completed or if an action or suggestion is no longer relevant, resolving the comment can indicate that there is nothing more to be completed in relation to that comment.

When a comment has been resolved, the comment thread will be closed and no further comments can be added.


Resolving comments

1. To resolve a comment, find the comment you’d like to resolve in the comment sidebar pane:


2. Select the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the comment and choose Resolve from the menu:


3. This will remove the comment from the main view and mark it as Resolved:



Viewing resolved comments

You can view resolved comments by toggling Show resolved comments in the filter menu at the top right corner of the comment pane:



Unresolving comments

If you've resolved a comment by mistake, you can unresolve a comment by going to the three-dot menu of a resolved comment and selecting Unresolve:



Note: All users are able to resolve their own comments but only users who have the 'Edit page content' permission enabled as part of their User Role are able to resolve other user's comments. If you have access to Team, you can see which User Roles have which permissions there. For more information, see Checking a user's permissions.
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