Sending your Project to be reviewed by another team member

Projects can be shared with other team members to be reviewed. Users who have Projects shared with them will be sent an email informing them they have a new Project to review. Those users can then create or respond to comments and submit those comments back to the Project’s Author.

If you have already been assigned a Project to review by another team member, you can find out more about how to submit your review in Submitting your comments back to the Author of a Project.

1. To send a Project to another user to be reviewed, go to Pages:


2. Select Send:


3. Choose who you’d like to send the Project to from the dropdown menu. You can choose anyone who already has permission to access the Project:


Note: If the user you’d like to send the Project to is not appearing in the list, they may not have permission to access that Project. If you are an Administrator or have access to Team, you can set which Projects a user has access to by modifying their scope of access. To find out more about this, see Limiting user’s access.


4. Select Send:


5. An email will be sent to that user informing them that they have been invited to review a Project:


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