Reviewing a Project as an external collaborator

An external collaborator is a user who does not have an Elucidat account but has been granted access to the Elucidat platform to review one or more Projects. 

If you’ve been invited to review a Project as an external collaborator, this guide will help you understand what to do next.


1. I’ve been invited to review a Project. What do I do now?

2. Reviewing a Project

3. Requesting for your account to be upgraded


I’ve been invited to review a Project. What do I do now?

1. As an external collaborator who has been invited to review a Project, you will first receive an email with an invitation to the platform. Select Redeem Invite to begin setting up your external collaborator account:


Note: Invitations can either be temporary or indefinite. You can see if and when the invite will expire in the invitation email above the Redeem Invite button. If your invite was created with an expiry date, you’ll only have temporary access to the platform. Once the invite has expired, you’ll no longer be able to access Elucidat. If your invite has expired and you need a new one, you’ll need to contact the user who originally invited you and ask them for a new invite.


2. After you’ve selected Redeem Invite, you’ll be informed that your invite has been redeemed and you can close the page:


3. You’ll then receive a separate login link in your emails. Select Log In to finish setting up your account:


Login links are single-use and are only valid for ten minutes. If your login link has expired, you’ll need to redeem your invite again. This will trigger a new email with a new login link.

4. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the Collaboration page. This is where you can view the Project or Projects that you’ve been assigned to review. To go to the Project, double-click the Project tile:


If you’d like to find out more about the Collaboration page and how it works, see Checking the status of Projects assigned to you for review.

5. You’ll be taken to the Project where you can begin the review process:


Reviewing a Project

1. Comments can be created by double clicking anywhere in the Project:


2. When a comment is created, it will appear in the comment sidebar. This is where you can add text to your comment. Select Post to publish your comment:


3. If you need to edit your comment, select the ellipsis icon on the top right corner of the comment and choose Edit:


4. If you decide you no longer need a comment, you can choose to resolve it by selecting Resolve from the comment’s ellipsis menu:


5. The navigation footer tells you the page number and name of the page you’re currently on:


6. Select the page name in the footer to bring up the navigation menu. You can use this to go to different pages in the Project:


7. Or you can use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate back and forth:


8. When you’re finished, you can submit your review to the Project author by selecting Submit review:


This indicates to the author that you’ve completed your review and they’ll receive an email notification letting them know.


Requesting for your account to be upgraded

An external collaborator’s access to Elucidat is limited. They are only permitted to leave comments on Projects they have been granted access to. They will not be able to see or reply to other’s comments, mention other users in their comments or edit a Project in any way. You can be re-invited to review as an external collaborator again in the future. However, if you’d like to request your account to be upgraded to a full account and become a permanent team member, you can send this request to the Account Owner by selecting Request a full account:


The Account Owner will receive your request where they can then decide whether to upgrade your account. If your request is accepted, you’ll receive an email notification with an activation link for your new Elucidat account:



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