Adding images to text

As well as adding images to an image container on your page, you can also add images directly to a text box.

These images can be moved and resized within the text box and you can also use the text formatting toolbar to align the image or add a link to it. This can help you illustrate your points more closely or even create custom icons and buttons.


Inserting an image into a text box

1. To start adding images into text, click anywhere inside the text box to enable it for editing. You will see the text formatting toolbar appear above the text box.

2. Select Insert and then Images from the dropdown list:


3. Select where you would like to retrieve the image from. You can either upload an image directly or select From Library to open your Asset Library:


4. The image will appear inside the text box. If you wish to move its position in the text box, you can drag and drop it where you’d like it to be. Once your image has been added to your text box, you can resize it by dragging any of the four corners of the image:blobid2.png


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