Editing text

Editing text in Elucidat is similar to making text changes in other platforms - you ‘activate’ the location you want to edit, input your text or make your changes, and then commit the changes by saving the document. 

Editing text in a text box

Select the text box you want to edit:

The editing toolbar will appear above the text box you are in, showing the edit options available. 

Type your content into the text box. You can also copy and paste text from other programs.

Note: If you are pasting text from a formatted document (such as from Word), we recommend you use the shortcut CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+V (not the usual CTRL/CMD+V), as this will strip any formatting (bold, italic, colour, bullet points etc) that is applied to the text before pasting.

Then select Save to submit your changes:


If you do not wish to save your changes, then just select the Undo button.

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