Restricting access to an Online Link Release

Online Link Releases can be configured to only permit access to learners from specific email domains. This is useful for adding a layer of security to your Online Link Releases. 

Note: In order to restrict an Online Link Release, you’ll first need to enable Learner identification. Please see Identifying learners in an Online Link release for more information about this.


When an Online Link release is restricted, the learner will be prompted to enter their email address and name when they access the course’s URL. If they have an email address that falls under the allowed domains that you have set, the system will email them a unique link for the course. 

If they attempt to use an email address that doesn’t use an allowed domain, then they will not be able to access the course.

How to restrict by domain

To restrict access to one or more domains, enter the email domain(s) you’d like to allow in the field labelled Only allow learners from the following domain.


Separate multiple domains with a space, comma, semi-colon or line break. 

For example, if you entered ',' then a Learner will not be able to access the course unless they have an email address that uses either of these domains.

Caution: This is case-sensitive – so if a Learner entered an email address with '' when the accepted domain is '', this would not be accepted.
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