Setting a Completion and Pass rate in your Project

A course’s Completion and Pass rate is used to define the minimum a learner needs to achieve in order to be successful in your course. This is especially useful for courses that require the learner to prove that they have absorbed the learning content or attained a certain level of knowledge.

A learner’s success in a course is measured by two separate metrics: progress and score. These metrics are calculated as percentages. Progress is earned by completing pages and contributes to the learner’s achievement of the Completed status. Score is earned by answering questions and contributes to the learner’s achievement of the Passed status.

The minimum percentage required for a learner to be successful can be defined in your Project.

The Completion rate defines the minimum progress value that a learner needs to achieve a Completed status, and the Pass rate defines the minimum score value a learner needs to achieve a Passed status.

For more information on how progress and score are calculated, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score.

Note: Depending on the SCORM tracking mode and release type of your course, it will use one or both of these metrics. See Choosing which SCORM version to use with your course for more information.


How to set the Pass and Completion Rates

1. Go to Configure:


2. The settings for Pass and Completion rates can be found under the Scoring & Completion tab:


3. The Pass and Completion rates can be set by either dragging the sliders or manually typing the desired percentage in the field next to the slider:


4. You can save your adjustments by selecting Save Changes at the bottom of the page:


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