Creating and managing Departments

Departments are used to organise your folders and manage specific groups of users' access to Projects within those folders. Users can be assigned to specific Departments to ensure they only have access to the content relevant to their role within your organisation.

See Restricting Project access to a Department for more information about how to do this.

Note: Only Administrators are able to create and assign users to a Department.


Creating a Department

1. Go to the Team tab.


2. Select the Departments tab, and click on the Add Department button:


3. Type the name for the department you want to create and click the Create Department button:


4. Your new Department has now been created and can be viewed in the Departments tab:


Renaming a department

1. Go to the Team tab.

2. Select the Departments tab and scroll to the department you wish to rename.

3. Select the More menu (blobid4.png) and select the Rename option:


4. Type the new name for the department, and click the Change name button to save the changes.



Note: The Department name will update for all users who have access to that Department.


Deleting a Department

1. Go to the Team tab.

2. Select the Departments tab, and scroll to the department you wish to delete.

3. Select the menu, and select the Delete option:


4. In the popup, click the Yes, delete Department button:



Caution: Deleting a Department will unassign any Project and folder from that Department. If those projects aren’t assigned to a Department then they will be visible to every user in the account.
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