Uploading files to the Asset Library

You can access the Asset Library by pressing the Asset Library button at the top of your interface:


All users with access to the Asset Library can see all of the Assets that are in it.

Using Folders

Elucidat allows you to keep your Assets in Folders to keep everything tidy in your Asset Library.


By default your Asset Library will have a couple of Folders already set up:

All folders - any new Folders you create will sit within this.

No folder - this is where your Assets will automatically be organized until they have been added to a Folder.

Add an additional Folder

In the Folders panel in your Asset Library, right click where it says All folders and then select Create folder:


…add a name for your Folder (in this case it's called 'Example')...


…and press Save changes.

Now the Folder will appear in the Folders panel below the Filters options.


Add an Asset to a Folder

In the Asset Library, find the Asset which you would like to add to your Folder.

Press Select a folder. This is just below your Asset name and details.



A dropdown will open, choose your Folder from here.


Delete or rename a Folder

Right click your Folder in the Folders panel and choose one of the options:


Remove an Asset from a Folder

In your Asset Library, find your Asset and press the x in the top right of the Folder:


Giving your Asset a Description

You can give a Description to your Assets so that you and your colleagues have context as to how Assets should be used.

To give your Asset a Description firstly open the Asset Library and select the name of the Asset you would like to give a Description.

Then click into the Description box to give your Asset a Description and then press Save changes.


Deleting Assets

If you wish to Delete an Asset firstly open the Asset Library and select the name of the Asset you would like to delete. Then press Delete.


Batch upload

If you wish to add multiple files to your Asset Library firstly open the Asset Library. Press Upload, select the Assets which you wish to upload and press Open.

Please note that batch uploading is subject to your browser’s limitations.

Additional File Types

As well as Image, Video and Audio files, the Asset Library allows you to upload and manage Caption and Font files.


This allows you to manage all your Assets in one place, and see which Projects these files are currently being used in.

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