Recording scores for graded questions

Learners can achieve a score by answering one or more questions on a scored page. 

In order for your learners to be able to achieve scores for their answers, the pages that your questions are on need to be configured with the correct completion requirement. 

A completion requirement dictates which specific action contributes to a page being completed. There are four completion requirements to choose, two of which also allow a page to report a score.

These are:

  • User submitting a score
  • User submitting a correct score

Choosing User submitting a score will mean that any score the learner submits will complete the page whereas User submitting a correct score will require the learner’s score to be correct before the page is considered complete. 

In either case, the learner's score for the page will be reported regardless of whether it is correct or not.

Each scored page in your course will contribute a share towards the learner's total score. The share that each page contributes is dependent on the page's score weighting but by default, each page will be weighted evenly. For more information about how scoring works in Elucidat, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score. To find out how to change the score weighting of your pages, see Adjusting a page's score weighting.


Enabling your pages to report scores

1. Go to your page and open Page Settings:


2. Open the Scoring & Completion tab:


3. In the This page is completed by dropdown menu, select either User submitting a score or User submitting a correct score.

4. Select Save to save your changes

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