Building a question page

Using questions in your course is a great way to test your learners’ knowledge or collect information which can then be used in social polls. You can either create a new question page using one of Elucidat’s ready-made question page types, or add a question directly to an existing page using Layout.

To find out how scoring works in Elucidat, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score.


Setting up a ready-made question page

1. Go to Pages:


2. Select Add new page:


3. Select the page's three dot/more menu and choose Set Page Type:


4. Go to Questions and results:


5. Choose your preferred Page Type:


6. Choose a question type and select Set Page Type:



Adding a question to a page in Layout

1. Go to Pages and select the page you'd like to add a question to, either by double-clicking the page or selecting Edit Page from the page's three dot/more menu:


2. Change the view to Layout:


3. Select one of the orange Add here buttons:


4. Choose Questions & Results:


5. Select a category:


6. Choose a question part from one of the categories:


7. When your question has been added to the page, set the question type by selecting the Variations menu at the top right of the question element:


8. Choose Assessment, Knowledge Check or Survey from the Form Type drop down:


9. Save your changes:


Note: To access Layout, you’ll need to have the correct permissions, as access will depend on your Role. If you can’t see the Layout tab please use the first method described above, or contact your Account Administrator for further guidance. 
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