Preventing a scored page from contributing to the score total

Adding scored pages to your course is useful for testing your learners and gauging their knowledge based on how they performed. 

However, there are situations where you may want to use the User submitting a score or User submitting a correct score completion requirement on a page but you don’t want that page to contribute a share to the learner’s overall score (see example below). 

Adjusting the page’s score weighting to 0 will mean that your page’s score contribution will be 0.

To adjust your page’s score weighting to 0:

1. Go to your page’s Page settings:


2. Adjust the Score weighting slider to 0:


This is especially useful when you have a Survey question that is feeding its answers to a social poll later in the course. 

The page that contains the Survey question needs to have its completion requirement set to User submitting a score or User submitting a correct score. But because the Survey question is unable to submit a Correct, Incorrect or Partially Correct score, it will take up a share of the total score but is unable to contribute a score value to it. This could prevent your learners from reaching the Pass rate of the course because there will be a percentage of the total score that they won’t be able to achieve.

Another example might be that you are using progress locking to prevent a learner from being able to move forwards in your course until they have answered a question on the page and submitted a score. However, you don’t want this question to contribute to the learner’s overall score, perhaps because you have a more serious assessment at the end.

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