Creating a Guided Author user

Using the Advanced User Management feature, you can create a specific user role for authors in your account who are following the Guided Authoring workflow.

In order to be able to create and modify user roles, your own user role must be set up with the permission to do so. If you don't have these permissions, you'll need to contact an Administrator in your account to either grant you these permissions or to set this user role up for you.

Note: If your account does not have the Advanced User Management feature enabled but you would like to create a Guided Author user role, contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for help with this.


Setting Up The User Role

1. Go to Team and select the User Roles tab

2. Select Add User Role

3. Give your new User Role a name (for example: 'Guided Author')

4. Update the permission settings for the User Role (see below for recommendation)

5. Select Add User Role to save your changes

6. Assign your new User Role to selected users. See Assigning a Role to a user if you're unsure about how to do this.


Recommended Permissions To Include

We recommend the following permissions are used for your Guided Author user role:

  • Project - Create Projects
  • Project - Edit page content
  • Project - Upload assets
  • Project - Start a project from a template

Advanced User Management allows you to tailor the permissions for your User Roles to meet your exact requirements, so feel free to adjust these permissions to suit your needs.

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