Adding a new user to your team

Administrators can add new users to their team by following the steps outlined below. If you don’t have the Administrator role, you will need to ask your Administrator to add the new user for you. 

1. Open the Team tab on the top right of the menu.


2. Click on the + Add users button in the top right of the screen, and enter their email address:220203_add_user_modal.png

3. Then select their user role from the dropdown list below the email address. To find out more about the different user roles, see Feature Focus: User Roles:


4. Then select the level of access they require. To find out more about this see Limiting users' access:


If you select Access to specific Departments you will then be presented with a dropdown from which you should choose the Department/s to which they require access.

5. Then press Send Invitation


This will send the new user an email invitation requesting them to log in to Elucidat. When they log in, they will be able to add their own name and choose their own password.

Note: Elucidat staff cannot routinely add users to individual accounts for security reasons. This needs to be done by a user within the account with the correct permissions, such as the Account Administrator.
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