Limiting the number of attempts a learner can submit to a question

By default, Elucidat courses will allow learners to attempt a question as many times as they like. This can be useful for Knowledge Check style questions which help the user learn and internalize a topic, but for more robust assessments you may want to limit this by ensuring your Project only accepts the first answer the learner submits. 

When a learner completes an assessment, their first attempt is recorded. By default, the learner then has the opportunity to go back through the course and attempt the questions multiple times. For example, if a learner failed on the first attempt, they could then re-attempt the questions to try and achieve a higher score to pass the course. The score for each attempt will be recorded with the highest score being retained.  

You can change the Configure settings in your course to ensure only the first attempt at the question is recorded.

1. Open your Project.

2. Select Configure:


3. Select the Scoring & Completion tab:

4. Allow multiple scoring attempts is enabled by default. Select the checkbox to disable this setting:


5. Select the Save changes button.

However, this will not stop the learner from being able to attempt the question again. It will just make it so that only their first submission attempt is recorded.

You could use this in tandem with other methods such as removing your question page from the navigation menu so that the learner is not able to return to the question once they have answered. This can be done in Page Settings by un-checking Would you like this page to appear in the Course Menu?:


You could also remove any navigation buttons from the page using Layout and have your learner directed to the next page via the questions Submit button instead. This way, once they submit their answer, they will also be taken to the next page. 

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