Adding resource documents to your Project

Uploading Resources to your course allows your learners to access and download supporting documentation which can assist in their learning. This can be useful if you'd like to provide your learner with additional information about a topic without interrupting the flow of your course. Once a Resource has been added to your course, you can choose several different ways to make them accessible to your learners.

Note: You can upload Resources up to 4MB to your Project in the DOC, PPT, XLS, and PDF formats. 


Uploading a Resource to a Project

1. Open the Project where you would like to add a Resource and select Configure

2. Select Resources from the list on the right hand side:


3. To add a new Resource click the + Add a Resource button on the right hand side:


4. Enter a name for your Resource in the Resource name field

5. Use Choose File to select the Resource you'd like to upload from your files. The Resource can either be a Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), a Powerpoint (PPT) or a PDF file:


6. There are two Download options that you can choose which set the behaviour of the Resource when it is selected by your Learner.

  • Force this file to download onto the Learner's computer - this means that the Resource will be added straight to the Learner's downloads folder 
  • Use the browser's default behaviour - this will use the browser's default behaviour for downloading files. This will also usually mean that PDFs will be opened in a new browser window

7. Select Upload to upload the Resource to the course

Note: Force this file to download onto the Learner’s computer isn't compatible with releases that use the Backup SCORM release mode.


Accessing the Resource in the course

There are a number of ways your learners can access Resources whilst taking the course.

Accessing Resources from the Project's header

They can access all Resources that have been uploaded to a course via the Resources folder in the header menu:



Selecting the Resources folder button will bring up a pop-up which shows a list of all Resources that have been added to the course. Your learners can access each one from the pop-up:


This is useful if you'd prefer to have a single static place where your Resources can be accessed.

Linking a Resource to a button or line of text

You can also link to specific Resources in your course by adding them to a button or embedding the link in text.

When a Resource has been added to your Project, the option to set the link to A Resource will become available in the Link section of a Link Button's Edit menu:


You can select an uploaded Resource from the Link to a Resource drop down menu.

You can also link to a Resource by embedding a link to the Resource into a line of text:


You can find more information about how to do this in Adding links to text.

Note: When a Resource is uploaded to a Parent Course, all Variations will inherit those Resources. If you wish to have different Resources for each Variation (for example, if you'd like to provide the same Resource in different languages), upload them directly to the individual Variations.


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