Compressing a video to decrease its file size

If a video is too large to upload to the platform, it can be compressed to a smaller size. Elucidat accepts videos up to 2GB so we recommend aiming for a size of 2GB or less. An example of when you may need to decrease a video's file size is if you're using a Backup SCORM and would like to make the SCORM package smaller.

Handbrake is a free open-source video transcoder which can be used for this purpose. 


Compressing your video using Handbrake

After downloading and installing Handbrake, open the program and follow these steps to compress your video.

1. When Handbrake opens, press Source:


2. Choose where you would like the compressed file to go by pressing Browse:


3. Choose the output format. We recommend choosing MP4:


4. Choose the quality you want to output in order to reduce the file size below, in this case I'll reduce by around half, so I put the slider half way:


5. Once everything's ready, press Start and the file will be compressed:


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