Using files from the Asset Library in Projects

The Asset Library is a centralised repository for all of your Assets that allows you to manage hundreds of assets.

Once you start uploading images, videos, and audio files to your Projects, these are automatically added to your Asset Library. You can also add files directly to the Asset Library for your users to use.

You can access the Asset Library by pressing the Asset Library button at the top of your interface:



Using Assets in Projects

To use an Asset that has previously been uploaded into the Asset Library, you can use the From Library button when editing a Project.

For example, to alter an Image, firstly open the Edit options and then press the From Library button.


Selecting an Asset

After opening the Asset Library, you will see all of the Assets that can be placed in the container that you have chosen.

Once you have selected your Asset, press the Use this Image button to add it. 


Tip: Some of the above options may be restricted depending on individual access levels. To find out more about your access you can contact your Account Administrator.
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