Setting up a Question Pool

Question Pools are used to assign users a random selection of questions from a larger bank of questions. Different users accessing the course are asked different questions from each other. 

How to create a question pool

1. Create a page which contains a question.

2. Select the Page Settings button and select the Rules tab.

3. In the Create a new Question Pool section, in the text field, give your question pool a name:


4. Select the Percentage of pages to show from Pool from the dropdown menu:


For example, if you have 5 questions in a question pool set to show 60% of pages, the learner will be shown 3 randomly selected questions from that pool.

5. Then select the Add Question Pool button:


The page you created the question pool on will automatically become part of that question pool:


6. Click the Save button.


How to add a page to a question pool

1. Open the page which contains the question you want to add to a pool.

2. Select the Page Settings button and select the Rules tab.

3. In the section OR make this page a part of a Question pool, select the question pool you want to add the page to from the dropdown menu:


4. Click the Save button.


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