Using Badges to reward achievement

You can help your learner celebrate their success by awarding them a Badge for their progress. Achievements allow you to load an icon or picture (known as a Badge) that indicates that your learner has achieved a certain goal by reaching and completing a page. 

Note: Badges aren't recorded in Analytics. If you'd like to track a learner's progress in Analytics, we recommend using their progress percentage or score rather than assessing which Badges have been earned. For more information, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score.


Adding Badges to your Project

There are two stages to adding Badges to your Project. 

You'll need to first add a Badge to a page. This will make it so that the Badge is awarded when the learner completes the page by fulfilling the page's completion requirement. 

The second stage is making the awarded Badge visible to your learner by inserting it into your page content so they're aware of their achievement.

Configuring a page to award a badge when completed

1. Go to Page Settings:


2. Go to the Achievements tab:


3. You can choose from previously uploaded Badge images or preset icons under Choose a Badge to award when this page is completed:


4. You can also make your own Badge under Or make a new Badge, where you can choose your own image. Enter a name, select the image to upload and then press Add badge:


When the learner completes this page according to the page's completion requirement, the Badge will be awarded. 

Displaying the Badge to the learner 

Once you have completed the steps above, your achievement will have been set up for this page, but it still needs to be added to the page content so that it will be visible to the learner. 

1. Select a text box to activate the text box for editing. The text formatting toolbar will appear.

2. Select Badges under the Insert dropdown menu.


3. You will now be able to choose a Badge to add to your text box.


A Badge will appear faded if the learner hasn't achieved the completion requirement of the page the Badge is connected to:


When the learner has fulfilled the completion requirement, the Badge will appear filled in:


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