Feature Focus: Question Types

An important part of creating questions in Elucidat is to know which question type to use. There are three different question types in Elucidat: Assessments, Knowledge Checks and Surveys. Each question type is suited for a specific purpose. 

To find out how to create a question page and set its type, see Building a question page


Assessments and Knowledge Checks are designed to test the learner on their knowledge.

Assessments are for serious exercises designed to test the learner's knowledge of a topic. These exercises don't give the learner feedback after submitting their answer. For more detailed information about how to make your assessments more effective, see Best Practice: Creating a Robust Assessment.

Knowledge Checks

Knowledge Checks are questions designed to help someone learn a topic. The learner is asked a question and then they receive instant confirmation on whether their answer was correct or not in the form of a feedback pop-up. You can also choose to add more information in the pop-up to give context and explain why the learner's answer was right or wrong.


Surveys are designed to obtain information from the learner and present it back to them. Surveys can be used to feed information to social polls. They're also useful for creating branching scenarios using Rules based on how the learner answers.

How results are reported for each type

Assessments and Knowledge Checks are able to report Correct, Partially Correct or Incorrect results. On a page that has been configured to send a score, the answers from these types of questions will contribute to the learner's total score.

A Survey does not submit Correct, Partially Correct or Incorrect answers and does not contribute to the learner's total score. 

For more information about how scoring works in Elucidat, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score.

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