Using Learning Accelerator templates to create a course 

The Learning Accelerator is one of the various ways you can create a new course. Using the Learning Accelerator enables you to quickly create a course from a set number of templates. These templates provide a broad range of scenarios you may wish to use, from using social polls to creating in-course menu pages.

The layout, course structure, and settings from the template you choose are automatically applied to your new course when you use Learning Accelerator. You are then able to apply your own Style to the template and insert the content to the pages that are relevant to your learners.

If you'd like to find out more about how to create your own templates, see Creating a Template.

There are two options you can choose from when using the Learning Accelerator, you can either choose a template yourself or have one recommended based on how you answer a series of questions.

1. Select Start from the top toolbar

2. Select Go for speed with the Learning Accelerator:

Author, arrow pointing to Learning Accelerator option on Start page.png

3. Select a Style you would like to apply to the Project

4. Enter the name of your new Project and select the folder in which you would like to place your Project

5. Select the Get started button

You'll be taken to the Learning Accelerator where you'll be given two options:

  • Get recommendations
  • See all templates

Author, Learning Accelerator modal showing Get recommendations or See all Templates choices.png


Using a recommended template

You can get a template recommended based on your specific needs. Answer a few questions about your Project and Elucidat will recommend the template that fits best.

1. Select Get recommendations:

2. Answer the four questions

You will then be recommended a template based on how you answered.


Choosing a template yourself

Alternatively, you can view the entire collection of templates and choose one for yourself.

1. Choose See all templates

2. Hover over a template and select View details to find out more about it:

Author, arrow pointing to View details of template in Learning Accelerator modal.png


3. Select Use Template to build a Project using the template

You can preview what a course using the template might look like by selecting See example course or you can choose Download storyboard to export a storyboard of the template that can be viewed and edited in a word processor.


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