Deleting a released course

Deleting a released course from your Project may be required if the release is no longer of use to you, or you want to remove the data from that release.

Releases can be deleted from the Project from which they were created. Once a release has been deleted, all previously downloaded versions of that release will cease to work and learners will no longer have access to those versions.

Caution: When a release is deleted, it cannot be restored. Any learner data gathered from those who accessed that particular release will also be deleted and cannot be restored.


1. To delete a release, go to the Projects tab:


2. Find the Project which has a release you would like to delete.

3. Go to the Release section of your Project:


4. Find the release you wish to delete. Select the trash can icon on the right hand side of the release: 


5. You’ll see a confirmation message asking you to confirm you want to delete the release, to ensure you haven’t clicked accidentally. Select the Yes - permanently delete button:


Your release will now be deleted and removed from the Release tab.


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