What are Learning Consultancy services?

Our Learning Consultancy services help customers tackle key L&D priorities and achieve maximum impact from Elucidat through best practice advice, inspiration, and practical support.

Elucidat is more than just software; we’re learning experts that help customers leverage our technology, best practices, and processes to thrive during periods of change. 

The Learning Consultancy team provides services that enable customers to multiply the value they get from Elucidat by supporting a broad range of immediate and longer term goals. Whether it’s planning a strategy for creating elearning at scale, or wanting support tackling a tricky project, there’s a Learning Consultancy service to help. 


Benefits of our services

Improved confidence in ability to create impactful elearning in Elucidat Increased authoring capabilities and instructional design skills
Improved consistency and quality of elearning being created at scale Strategies for speeding up elearning production
A refined vision for what best practice elearning looks like for their organisation Practical ideas to drive adoption and maximise ROI
Inspiration for what’s possible in Elucidat, tailored to authoring experience level Hands-on help, including recommendations, top tips and support


Our six core services

Tailored Enablement Programme

Get your team up to speed fast with an enablement programme tailored to your specific needs.


Elucidat Best Practice Workshop

Bring your team together to create a vision for what transformational digital learning in Elucidat looks like for you.


Brand Style with Graphics

We’ll apply your brand guidelines in the most effective way for digital learning content and create a library of reusable graphic assets.


Tailored Template

We’ll work with you to design one or more templates tailored for your needs, so authors can focus on the content knowing that the design is taken care of.


Project Prototype

Hands-on help to bring your digital learning project to life in Elucidat and empower your team to do the same.


Project Review

An expert review of your Elucidat project to ensure it’s the best it can be.


Get in touch!

If you’d like to learn more or discuss your project with the team, you can get in touch by emailing .

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