Creating a support request

When creating new support requests (conversations) it’s useful if you can provide as much information as possible so we can help you most effectively. Whilst we aim to deal with support requests as quickly as we can, minimising time spent going back and forth seeking clarity or more details does help to speed the resolution process up!

What sort of information do you need?

It can vary depending on what your query is regarding, but it's most useful to cover the basics such as:

  • A detailed description of the behaviour you're seeing, and how it differs from what you expect to be seeing – this is important as in some cases what you expect to see may be different from what we'd expect to see.
  • The relevant Project code/s and page name/shere's a quick video to show you how to do this.
  • Screenshots of the issue – a whole-screen screenshot is often best so we have context and can see exactly where you are in the app, annotation (arrows, circling) can also be useful.
  • Consider adding a screen capture video as this can often help explain a complex issue more quickly than trying to write a description. Loom can be useful for creating such videos. 
  • Detailed steps to replicate the behaviour you are finding. Please use as much terminology from the interface as possible, as the first thing we seek to do in support is replicate the behaviour you are encountering.
  • Let us know the environment you are working in, for example: the specific browser and browser version, whether you're using a mobile or desktop computer, are you viewing the course in an LMS or an online link release?

If we need any additional information which would help us with your specific request, we'll come back to you and ask for this.


Support scope – what we can help you with

The primary purpose of our technical support service is to help users who are encountering issues or bugs and these users are treated as our main priority.

We are happy to provide limited advice on how to develop your courses, however this is not the primary focus of the support service, so you may encounter some delays with requests of this nature.

Issues which are occurring only in a specific non-Elucidat environment, for example in a specific LMS or another app, are outside the scope of our support offering.

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