Overview: Introduction to Page Settings

Page settings are where you'll configure most of the options that allows you to control whether and when to show or hide a page, and therefore decide how a user will move through the course. This will be useful when you come to using Branching scenarios, Rules, and more. 

For now, let's just take a look at where it is and what it can do. The Page settings button is located at the top of every page in a Project:


When you open it you'll see five tabs:


Layout: This tab allows you to control whether or not this particular page will appear in your Course Menu.

Scoring & Completion: This tab allows you to configure the options for when a page is counted as having been completed; score weighting; progress through the course; when pages are unlocked; and when a score is sent. 

Rules: This is where you can set Rules governing when a page is shown to the learner, and where you can set up a Question Pool. 

Achievements: This option allows you to create actions based on a user visiting this page, such as awarding a badge.

Time limits: This is where you can set a time limit on the page, after which it will redirect your learner to another page.

Follow the links above to find out more about how to configure your page settings.

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