Downloading Usage Logs

In the Team section, you can export a Usage Log to see how your team is using Elucidat. 

The log will be exported in CSV format which you can then open in a spreadsheet. In this file, you’ll be able to see actions taken related to Projects, Releases, and user management along with the name of the which user who took these actions. The data is updated in real time and spans the last 2500 actions that were taken in the account.

Note: The ability to export Usage Logs is restricted to users who have the User Management permission enabled in their user role. The Administrator user role has this enabled by default. You can also create custom user roles with this permission if you have Advanced User Management.


How to export your Usage Log

1. To export a Usage Log, go to Team and then Usage

2. Then select the Logs tab

3. Select Download Log.

The file will download to your machine, to your usual download location. You can then open and view the file in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Numbers.

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