Understanding how learner numbers are counted

Your learner count is the total number of unique learners that have accessed your released courses in a year. The count begins anew at the beginning of each year. 

Learners can be calculated differently  depending on a number of factors including your course’s release type, course settings and how learners choose to access the course. 

You can learn how to view your learner count in Checking platform usage data.


How learners are counted in SCORM for LMS Releases

Learners accessing a SCORM release in an LMS are identified via their SCORM Learner ID. This ID is assigned by the LMS and can be the learner's email address or a unique ID specific to that learner. Which one is used is dependent on the LMS.

Each SCORM ID represents a single learner. A learner with this ID may access multiple courses, or the same course on different devices, but will still only be counted as one learner.


How learners are counted in Online Link Releases

Online Link releases will count learners differently depending on whether or not they have been identified. You can learn how to enable learner identification in Identifying learners in an Online Link Release


If learner identification is enabled

For Online Link releases that have the learner identification applied, learners will be prompted to give their name and email address so that a unique link can be created and sent to them via email. Because that learner has been identified, they will be recognised as the same learner in any other releases that also have learner identification enabled.


If learner identification is not enabled

For Online Link releases which don’t have the Identify feature applied, a learner’s identifiable information will not be collected. This means that they cannot be identified. An unidentified learner is counted as a single person using a single browser on a single device. If that learner accesses the course on a different device or browser, they will be counted as a new learner.

A learner who is part-way through their session will be recognised as the same learner provided their bookmarked session has not expired. If bookmarking has expired or has been cleared, the learner will be counted as new the next time they access the course. If a learner has completed a course, their bookmarked session will also be cleared and they will be counted as a new learner if they access the course again. See Understanding bookmarking in Elucidat for more information about the conditions under which bookmarking is cleared. 


How learners are counted in Backup SCORM Releases

Learners accessing a Backup SCORM release are counted in the same way as SCORM for LMS release.

However, as Backup SCORM releases are designed to still work when a learner has no internet connection or are behind a strict firewall, there may be cases where data will not reach the Elucidat server. In these cases, you may find that some or all learner data is not collected. This means that some learners may not be counted. 

For this reason, we cannot guarantee that a learner count from a Backup SCORM will be 100% accurate.


How are learners counted in API Integration Releases

If your custom integration uses the API to identify the learner before launching the course, then your learner is counted in the same way as an Online Link release with learner identification turned on.

If your integration launches the course without identifying the learner, then your learner is counted in the same way as an Online Link release without learner identification enabled.

Note: Choosing to anonymize your learners will obfuscate their personally identifiable information but it will not affect how they are counted. 



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