Sort answers: Drag and Drop questions

Adding a Drag and Drop question to your course can be useful if you want your learner to split answers into the correct categories. 


Adding a Drag and Drop question type

1. Open the page in your course where you would like to add the Drag and Drop question type.

2. In Layout, navigate to the position on the page where you would like to add the Drag and Drop question type and click the Add here button.

3. Select Questions and Results:


4. Select Sort answers:


5. Select Drag and Drop:


6. A Drag and Drop question type will be added to the page, with three Droppers and two Dropboxes by default. Click the Save button to save the changes.



Drag and Drop Settings

In Layout, the settings for the Drag and Drop question type can be found by clicking on the Variations menu on the top right of the interaction:


Under Variations you have the option to select the Form Type. This setting determines whether the question is considered as part of an Assessment or used as a Knowledge Check. To find out more about the different Form Types, see Feature Focus: Question Types.


The Hide Question Header checkbox allows you to remove the bold question header on the form.



Setting up a Drag and Drop question type

In Author, click in the text boxes to change the default text to the question you want to ask and to add some guidance text before the answer (if required):


To link the Dropper to the correct Dropbox, select the variations menu on the top right of the Dropper:


Under Drop Target select the correct destination Dropbox for that Dropper:


To add more Droppers, click the + Add Dropper button:


To add more Dropboxes, click the + Add Dropbox button:



Drag and Drop Example

Here is a typical example of how a Drag and Drop question type is often used in courses. The example asks the learner to determine which of the answers is a city and which is a country. In Preview the Droppers and Dropboxes appear, ready for the Droppers to be sorted into the correct Dropbox:


The learner then drags and drops the answers into what they believe to be the correct Dropbox:


Once ready, the learner then submits their answers by pressing the Submit button.

Note: If you don’t want the Dropboxes to appear on screen until the dropper is selected, you may prefer to use the Responsive Drag & Drop question type
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