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Adding the Flipcard Grid to your course can be a useful way to reveal information to your learners in an interactive way. The Flipcard Grid has a variety of uses, e.g. to reveal company values or provide further information for steps in a process. We've included an example at the bottom of this article. 

Adding a Flipcard Grid

1. Open the page in your course where you would like to add the Flipcard Grid.

2. In Layout, navigate to the position on the page where you would like to add the Flipcard Grid and click the Add here button.

3. Select Interactions:


4. Select Flipcard Grid:


5. Three flipcards will be added to the page by default. Click the Save button to save the changes.


Flipcard Grid Settings

In Author, the settings for the Flipcard Grid can be found by clicking on the variations menu on the top right of the interaction:


Under Variations you can select the maximum number of Items per row you would like to be displayed for the Flipcard Grid before a new row is created. This setting can also be configured for Tablet device screen sizes:


You can also choose whether to Hide Flipcard images or select how tall you want the images on the flipcards to be via the Image height setting.

Under Color you can set the Background color and Background opacity settings for the menu container:


To add more flipcards to the Flipcard Grid, in Author click the + Add Flipcard button on the top right of the interaction:



Flipcard Grid Example

Here is a typical example of how a Flipcard Grid is often used in courses. The example provides a way to show to a learner what the Elucidat company values are. In Preview the entire grid will display:



Clicking the flip button will reveal the contents on the reverse of the card:


Here the learner can find out more information about what that company value means.

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