Interaction type - Timeline

Using a Timeline interaction is a useful way to display an ordered series of events or steps to your learner. The Timeline allows the learner to engage with the content and can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. to provide a step-by-step guide for a process, or to outline the history of a product or organisation.

Adding a Timeline

1. Open the page in your course where you would like to add the Timeline.

2. In Layout, navigate to the position on the page where you would like to add the Timeline and click the Add here button.

3. Select Interactions:blobid0.png

4. Select Timeline:blobid1.png

5. Two Timeline entries will be added to the page by default, one on the left and one on the right. Click the Save button to save the changes.

6. To access the entry layout, click on one of the entries:blobid2.png

7. This will open that entry, so you can design the layout of each timeline entry (the text would be edited in Author as usual):


8. Click the Add here buttons to add elements to that entry.

Note: Design elements added to an entry in Layout will be added to all the entries for that side of the timeline. For example, adding an image container to the left entry will add an image container for all left entries.

Adding new entries in Author

1. In Author, select the + Add to the left or + Add to the right buttons at the bottom of the interaction to add more entries:


Note: Individual entries can be deleted in Author, as well as specific parts of that entry that you want to delete. For example, if you want an image container for the first left entry but not the second, the image container can be deleted from the second entry in Author.


Timeline Example

The following example shows a typical example of how a Timeline is often used within a course. The example displays the Elucidat company values and what they mean.

In Preview, just the entry titles for the Timeline will display:


Clicking on the entry will display the entry’s contents:


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