What types of API does Elucidat offer?

There are two types of API available from Elucidat.

The Project API

The Project API exists so that Elucidat customers may grant access to certain aspects of their Elucidat account to third-party applications (typically Learning Management Systems).

This API allows management of projects and releases, as well as some account and author management.

You can find further documentation about how to use these in the sections listed below:

Projects and Releases API

Account API

Authors API



The Usage API

This is a TinCan/xAPI LRS API that is intended for logging of progress within a published course. As it is intended to be called from Javascript, authentication is based on HTTP BASIC authentication.

This API allows you to get the status (and access URLs) of a release.

You can find more information about how to use the Usage API in API: Get Status (and access URLs) of a Release.

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