Elucidat's Product Roundup 2021

Find out what’s new and improved in Elucidat as we help you to produce quality elearning at scale!


December 2021 | September 2021 | July 2021

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December 2021

Protect Projects with locking

Keep control and lock your Projects to prevent unwanted edits. Is your Project released to learners or maybe out for translation? With Project Locking, you can now lock a Project to stop users in your account from making changes.

Project Locking introduces a brand new permission, so you can determine exactly which roles and users have the power to lock and unlock your Projects!

See Preventing unauthorised editing to your Projects to find out how to get started with Project Locking!



September 2021

Give (or remove) the power to release to Online Link

You can now give (or remove) the power to create Online Link releases for your Projects. The Online Link release mode is a great way to get learning directly to your learners without routing via the Learning Management System (LMS). 

We’ve had feedback from customers that sometimes they’d like to restrict who can make these releases. So your wish is our command! We’ve added a brand-new permission to our Advanced User Management suite that enables you to turn on/off the ability to create Online Link releases for any role. You have the power!

See Using Roles to restrict who can make a Release to find out more about this new permission.


Variation Project settings inheritance

Managing multiple Variations of Projects using Variations Manager? Well, now your Variations can inherit the Project settings from the Master Project they were created from. Better yet, it means you can tweak the Master Project settings and have them inherited by all its Variations. Neat!



July 2021

Norsk nå tilgjengelig! 

After welcoming our latest partner; Task, we’ve translated Elucidat into Norwegian! Now users creating content in Elucidat can use the Norwegian version of Elucidat.

Norwegian adds to the languages Elucidat is already available in which include German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin.


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