Setting time limits on pages and chapters

If you'd like to create a course or assessment which needs to be completed within a certain time, you can try applying timers to your pages or chapters. You can then choose to redirect the learner to another page once the timer has run out.

This feature can be useful for compliance-based content where the learner is required to complete pages or answer questions in a specific time frame. 

If you'd like to make the timer visible to your learners, you can learn how to do this in Using Clips to display timers. Having the timer visible and making it clear that they will be redirected once it has run out can provide the learner with a more concrete expectation of how they should interact with your course.

Tip: It's always best practice to consider the accessibility needs of your learners when building your elearning. Timers can be useful in some situations to simulate real-world time pressure. However, some learners may read or absorb information quicker than others, others may find a timer distressing, others may just need more time on the page due to using an accessibility tool like a screen reader. If you'd like to use timers in your Project, take a minute to consider how they serve your elearning and whether they are necessary for the content being taught.


Applying a timer to a single page

1. Go to the page you'd like to edit and open Page Settings:


2. Go to the Time limits tab:


3. Under Redirect to this page after the following time, there is a field labelled mm:ss. Add the amount of time that you wish to limit your learner to here. For instance, 01:00 is 1 minute:

4. Select the Page redirect drop down menu and choose the page you'd like the learner to be redirected to once the timer runs out

5. Press Save to save your changes

Tip: If you leave the Page redirect field blank, the timer will still run but the learner will not be redirected. This can be useful if you'd like to make use of a softer time limit which doesn't force the learner forwards when it runs out.


Applying a timer to an entire chapter

When you apply a timer to a chapter, the learner will be given a time limit to complete all pages within that chapter. This can mean that they have a little more control over how long they stay on each page than if each page had its own time limit.

This can be more useful for larger timed sections like assessments which require the learner to complete within a certain time.

A chapter timer can only be applied to a chapter title page i.e. the first page in a chapter. You can sort your pages into chapters in the Pages overview. 

Setting the timer on a chapter title page

1. Go to the first page of the chapter you'd like to apply a timer to

2. Select Page Settings

3. Add the time limit in the mm:ss field under IF this page is the start of a new Chapter, you can set a time limit and redirect for the whole chapter here

4. Select the Page redirect drop down menu and choose the page you'd like the learner to be redirected to once the timer runs out

5. Press Save to save your changes

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