API: Configure Project

Configure a number of settings on a Project.

Note: Before using this call, you'll need to authenticate against the API as detailed in Making your first call to the Project API.


There are a number of options available, all of which are optional. The options are detailed in the table below.

Categories Parameters Possible values Description
Progress controls      
  allow_completed_pages (0-1) Allow the user to see pages that have already been completed?
  allow_future_pages (0-1) Allow the user to see pages AFTER the next uncompleted page?
  global_pass_rate (0-100) % needed to pass the course (if marked questions are present)
  allow_retakes (0-1) Allow questions to be re-answered
  global_completion_rate (0-100) Consider course completed after a % of pages are completed
  no_partial_scores (0-1) Do not give points for partially correct answers?
Learner Tracking      
  tracking_mode ('scorm_1_2', 'scorm_2004' or 'xapi') the type of tracking mode to use
  scorm_1_2_pass_action ('passed' or 'completed') Mark completed courses as... (SCORM 1.2 only)
  xapi_lrs_endpoint_url (url) URL to your own Tincan/xapi endpoint
  xapi_lrs_endpoint_username (text) Tincan/xapi endpoint username
  xapi_lrs_endpoint_password (text) Tincan/xapi endpoint password
  learner_access ('any', 'identify', 'restricted') Who can access the course. 'any' - Allow unrestricted access, 'identify' - Learners must identify themselves via email, 'restricted' - Learners must have a valid invitation via the API


All of these examples have simulation mode turned on. Once you are ready to use in a production environment, you can remove the simulation parameter. Any changes will then affect your account.







$nonce = get_nonce('https://api.elucidat.com/v2/projects/configure', 'PUBLIC_KEY', 'PRIVATE_KEY');
$headers = auth_headers('PUBLIC_KEY', $nonce);
$fields = array(
    'project_code' => $argv1,
    'allow_completed_pages' => $argv2, // (0-1)
    'allow_future_pages' => $argv3, // (0-1)
    'global_pass_rate' => $argv4, //(0-100)
    'allow_retakes' => $argv5, //(0-1)
    'global_completion_rate' => $argv5, //(0-100)
    'no_partial_scores' => $argv6, //(0-1)
    'tracking_mode' => $argv7, //('scorm_1_2' || 'scorm_2004' || 'xapi')
    'scorm_1_2_pass_action' => $argv8, //('passed' || 'completed')
    'xapi_lrs_endpoint_url' => $argv9, //(valid url)
    'xapi_lrs_endpoint_username' => $argv10, //(text)
    'xapi_lrs_endpoint_password' => $argv11, //(text)
    'learner_access' => $argv12, //('any' || 'identify' || 'restricted')
    'simulation_mode' => 'simulation'
$result = call_elucidat($headers, $fields, 'POST', 'https://api.elucidat.com/v2/projects/configure', 'PRIVATE_KEY');
echo ("HTTP status code: " . $result['status'] . "\n");

Python 3.9

     endpoint = '/v2/projects/configure'
     method = 'POST'
     params = {}
     data = {'project_code': '61b64d4492fb7',
            'allow_completed_pages': 1,
'allow_future_pages': 1,
'global_pass_rate': 70,
'allow_retakes': 1,
'global_completion_rate': 60,
'no_partial-scores': 0,
'tracking_mode': 'scorm_1_2',
'learner_access': 'identify',
'simulation_mode': 'simulation'} api = Api(api_root, endpoint, method, params, data, private_key, public_key) api.call_elucidat() )


"message": "Configuration saved"

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