Understanding bookmarking in Elucidat

Bookmarking is the term used to describe the feature that keeps a record of the learner's current location in the course so that if they exit the course and relaunch it, they'll restart from where they left the course. 

A learner's progress is bookmarked automatically - there is no need for any additional configuration to make bookmarking work. For most of our release types, bookmarking will be handled by our bookmarking micro-service. However, the Backup SCORM release type uses suspend data so that it can bookmark both online and offline.


Bookmarking behaviour for each release type

SCORM for LMS releases

In a SCORM for LMS release, when your learner closes a module and then re-opens it they will return the page that was last completed or viewed. 

The learner's bookmarked progress will be reset 365 day after they last accessed the course or if the course is re-released. Bookmarking can also be reset by resetting the learner's session in the LMS. 

While it isn't possible to amend how bookmarking behaviour works in Elucidat, it is possible for certain LMSs to be configured to disregard it. However, this is done at your own risk; we cannot support issues that arise as a result of modifying bookmarking behaviour via your LMS.


Online Link releases

There are two types of Online Link release:

  • Unrestricted which does not collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and has no restrictions on who can access it.
  • Identified which prompts the user to provide their name and email address. Once given, they will be emailed a unique link to the course. There is also the option with this type to restrict by domain.

The two types will behave slightly differently.

In both types, when your learner closes a module and then re-opens it they will return the page that was last completed or viewed.

Bookmarking will be refreshed and cleared when any of these conditions are met:

  • The learner completes the course and reaches the last page.
  • The course is re-released
  • If 365 days have passed since the learner last accessed the course

In unrestricted Online Link releases only, bookmarking will be reset if the learner clears their cache and cookies.

In an identified Online Link release, clearing cache and cookies will not reset bookmarking. This is to ensure that the release can be taken cross-browser or device. In other words, if the user starts the course on their computer and then leaves mid-way through, they can use their unique link to pick up where they left off on another device like a phone or a different computer.


Backup SCORM releases

Backup SCORM package releases store bookmarking data although the amount of pages that can be bookmarked is limited due to the restrictions of SCORM.

In a Backup SCORM, bookmarking is handled using suspend data. Suspend data is held as a very long code string. This code string has a limit depending on what tracking mode you choose.

SCORM 1.2 has 4,096 Character limit.

SCORM 2004 (2nd edition) has a 4,000 Character limit.

The amount of pages and the amount of interactions on those pages all contribute to the amount of suspend data that is being stored.

We cannot guarantee or support bookmarking for Backup SCORMs due to the variety of environments in which a Backup SCORM can be launched. Due to SCORM suspend data limitations it may be advisable to release larger courses (40+ pages) as a SCORM for LMS release rather than as a Backup SCORM.

Note: As SCORM for LMS and Backup SCORM use different methods of bookmarking, we advise that you do not replace a SCORM for LMS package with a Backup SCORM in your LMS and vice versa. If you do wish to change the release mode, we recommend uploading the replacement file as a separate instance on your LMS.




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