Elucidat’s Product Roundup 2024

Find out what's new and improved in Elucidat so you can create impactful elearning at scale!



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Q1 2024

Introducing PowerPoint Import in Elucidat!

Wave goodbye to dull, uninspiring training materials and hello to dynamic, trackable learning experiences with the new PowerPoint Import feature!

This feature allows you to seamlessly upload your PowerPoint content into Elucidat, choose the images you wish to retain, and apply your company's branding. 

It’s about making your life easier and helping you to create more engaging content.

Level up your translation workflow with Translation Glossary

The translation suite just got a major upgrade! Meet the Translation Glossary, your new best friend in maintaining consistency and accuracy across multiple languages.

Simply set your preferred terms and let Elucidat handle the consistency. 

Have an existing glossary? Import it effortlessly via CSV, or export yours to collaborate with peers easily.

Meet Elucidat Create: your new rapid authoring experience

Elucidat Create is here to transform anyone into an elearning content hero.

Whether taking your first steps in elearning or looking to speed up quality content creation, Elucidat Create is your go-to. 

Content creation is faster and easier than ever with a fresh authoring interface and enhanced features, including PowerPoint Import and AI capabilities. 

Ready to elevate your elearning game? Contact your Customer Success Manager to unlock Elucidat Create for your team.

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