Choosing Page Types

Elucidat Projects are built using ‘Page Types’, here is an introduction to some of the many different Page types that are used.


The simplest Page Types ‘Presentation’ pages are the foundation of your Page Type library.

Click here for information on the Presentation pages we provide.


Videos are brilliant in elearning! You can embed video from YouTube, Vimeo or upload directly as you can also use this page type to embed 3rd party interactive content such as games.

Click here if you would like to learn more about how to add video to this page type.


Sequences are pages where page information is released in an order. You can prevent Learners from progressing to the next page until they have viewed all slides of the sequence.

Click here for information on the Sequence pages we provide.


Hotspots page types contain buttons which launch pop up windows, these are especially useful for information heavy pages.

Splitting your information down into smaller chunks greatly helps your Learner to take in information, Hotspots work especially well on mobile phones, where screen size is limited.

Click here for information on the Hotspot pages we provide.


Menus look very similar to Hotspots, except, when you click on a button you are taken to a new page within your course.

Menus are a useful tool for non-linear learning, please note that page types are not designed to be used with the ‘Prevent progress until complete’ or ‘User opening ALL parts of the page’ features.

Click here for information on the Menu pages we provide.


Interactions are exercises that require the Learner to interact and are a playful way of entertaining your Learners.

Click here for information on the Interaction pages we provide.

Knowledge Checks

Knowledge checks are questions designed to help someone learn a topic, the Learner is asked a question and then they receive feedback on their answer.

You can make your Knowledge checks contribute to your scoring using these steps.

Click here for information on the Knowledge Check pages we provide.


Assessments are more serious exercises designed to test the Learner, these exercise dont give feedback after the Learner submits their answer.

For a step by step guide to creating Questionnaire pages, click here.

Click here for information on the Assessments page we provide.


Surveys are designed to obtain information from the Learner and present it back nicely, there is no right or wrong answer to a survey.

Surveys work very nicely with our Graphs feature.

Click here for information on the Survey pages we provide.