Building your first project

Welcome to Elucidat!

In this introduction we will take you through the basics for creating your first project including editing text and images, adding video and audio, setting up a question and publishing your project.

Let’s start building your first Project, a ‘Project’ is what we call a course that is being built.

Step 1

To begin with, open the ‘Get Started’ page, this is the first page you will see when opening Elucidat, if you can’t see the ‘Get Started’ page click this button:

…at the top of your page.

On the ‘Get Started’ page, you will see this option:

By default ‘from scratch’ will be selected, this will mean a new empty course will be created.

Step 2

Next, choose a Theme for your Project, a ‘Theme’ adds some basic colours and images to your Project to give you a head start:

💡 Pro Tip! You can change your Theme again later by pressing ‘Theme’ and selecting ‘Choose a different theme’.

Step 3

Click this edit button and give your Project a Name:

Step 4

Click …to add some Pages to your course.

Step 5

Give your Pages names and then click …to select Page types for each of your Pages:

💡 Pro Tip! To set up a basic course consider adding:

….we can use this for creating an introductory page.

…we can use this for testing our learner.

…we can use these page types to deliver information about a subject.

Step 6

Once these fields have been filled the ‘Build it’ button will appear, click this to build your course.

Next step

Now that we have built our Project successfully, let’s learn how to Edit our Pages, click here to continue.