Building your first project

Welcome to Elucidat! Let’s start building your first Project, a ‘Project’ is what we call a course that is being built.

Step 1

To begin with, open the ‘Get Started’ page here, you will see the following options:

By default ‘from scratch’ will be selected, this will mean a new blank course will be created.

Step 2

Next, choose a Theme for your Project, a ‘Theme’ adds some basic colours and images to your Project to give you a head start:

Step 3

Click this edit button and give your Project a Name:

Step 4

Click …to add some Pages to your course.

Step 5

Give your Pages names and then click …to select Page types for each of your Pages:

Step 6

Once these fields have been filled the ‘Build it’ button will appear, click this to build your course.

💡 Pro Tip! To set up a basic course consider adding:

  • ‘Presentation’ - ‘Splash page’ - We can use this for creating an introductory page.
  • ‘Assessments’ - ‘Single choice’ - We can use this for testing our learner.
  • ‘Presentation’ - ‘Image left’ - This can be used to create a Results page.

Next step

Now that we have built our Project successfully, let’s learn how to Edit our Pages, click here to continue.